Quality Policy

  • Deliver Quality Products to Customers, meeting (or) exceeding the expectations consistently in terms of Specifications, Delivery, Technical Support, Regulatory Compliance and Competitiveness.
  • Continuously improve the Procedures, Efficiency of Processes, Technologies, Infrastructure, Quality of Products Manufactured and the Effectiveness of Quality Management System.
  • Provide Continuous Training to all Personnel responsible for Quality related Activities and developing skills and knowledge with values.
  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial Relationships with Vendor, Customers and Enrich the Quality of Life of Employees.

EH&S Policy

  • We at Ramis Laboratories consider environment protection, health and safety as integral part of our business.
  • We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and community at large and we will protect the environment in which we operate.
  • We shall achieve continuous commitment to environment, health and safety by:
    1. a) Maintaining good house keeping and Greenery in our plant premises.
    1. b) We shall communicate our environment, health and safety policy to all our employees.
    1. c) Meeting (or) exceeding the relevant Legal Statues.
    1. d) Using and maintaining equipment system and facilities to provide safe work atmosphere to our employees, contractors, visitors and neighbouring community and aim towards becoming an incident and injury free facilities.
    1. e) Design and develop the processes in such a way that will minimize the adverse environmental impacts, reduces the waste and emissions.
    1. f) Continually improving environment, health and safety standards through objectives, targets, management programs, audits and reviews.
    1. g) Establishing emergency preparedness.
    1. h) Creating environment, health and safety awareness and developing the required level of knowledge and skills in all employees.

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